KWORKS’24 Acceleration Programs

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Over 12 months, you’ll have an extensive 1-1 support for customer acquisition, corporate partnerships, and accessing venture capitals

31th January is the final deadline for KWORKS’24 Applications

KWORKS’24 Calendar

1st December 2023 – 31th January 2024


1st – 28th February 2024


1st March 2024


March – October 2024


November 2024


December 2024 – February 2025


KWORKS’24 Acceleration Program

Mandatory Criterias:

– Able to offer technological innovation solution (product/application/software)
– Having a technical adequate founder team working full-time
– Having a scaleable business model with a huge market potential both in domestic and international markets
– Having sustainable competitive advantage in its target market
– Achieved +750.000 TL revenue in 2023

KWORKS’24 Pre-Acceleration Program

Mandatory Criteria:

– Able to offer technological innovation solution (product/application/software)
– The technological innovation solution should meet the needs of customers in today’s and future markets.
– Having at least 1 founder / co-founder working full-time
– Can make quick decisions and change the business model if needed
– Having a potential to enter international markets

What We Provide to Entrepreneurs

We create value by working very close with entrepreneurs in the most critical areas such as business development, product development, customer development, technical infrastructure and consulting supports.

Access to the KWORKS Community

As a member of the KWORKS family, KWORKS startups have access to the broad academic and business network of Koç University and Koç Group Companies

Access to the Ecosystem

KWORKS startups come together with experienced mentors, entrepreneurs, business leaders and major stakeholders in the entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Access to Investment

KWORKS startups have access to angel investor, venture capital and corporate venture capital networks.

Working Space

KWORKS startups are entitled to use the office areas in the center of the business and entrepreneurship World at Şişli and at Koç University.

Business and Product Development Support

KWORKS startups work with expert mentors in business development, product development, unique KPI definition, growth, and preparing investor deck.

Financial Consulting

KWORKS, meets startups’ necessary financial consultancy with its mentors and partners who are experts in financial side.

Technical Consulting

KWORKS, meets startups’ necessary technical consultancy with its mentors and partners who are experts in technical side.

Accessing UNVEST Support

KWORKS startups may get in kind and financial support up to $50,000 depending on their needs and performance from UNVEST A.Ş., fully owned by Koç University.

Business Connections

Thanks to our broad business connections, we facilitate entrepreneurs and stakeholders to build sustainable collaborations.

Grant and Support Programs Consultancy

KWORKS startups get support about advisory support to apply for Government and EU grants and investment funds.

One-to-One Support

KWORKS startups are continuously followed with 1-1 mentorship sessions from mentors who are experts in their fields.

Infrastructure Support

KWORKS offer physical and technical basic infrastructure support that startups need while growing.

Legal Counseling

KWORKS meets the legal consultancy needs of startups with its mentors and partners who are experts in legal matters.

Cloud Technology Support

KWORKS supports startups in terms of technological infrastructure by establishing partnerships with the world’s largest cloud infrastructure providers.

KWORKS Community

KWORKS is led by a team of professionals with deep experience in startups and
entrepreneurship – always with a strong eye toward global impact.

How to Apply?

Visit kworks.ku.edu.tr/basvuru
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Continue as a team or to make a personal application.
Answer the questions in order to better evaluate your startup.
Submit your application!
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If you haven’t had the opportunity to fill in the application form or if you want to make a final touch, we have good news for you; The application form will be open for you to make changes during the admission period.

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